Natur Cook was born of the need to offer our customers an organic and healthy product. We are a family business founded in 1998, which in 2011 decided to develop cooked and frozen organic produce.

We think of our customers as a big family, and prepare our recipes accordingly: caring for the product, controlling cooking times and choosing the best raw materials. We combine tradition and innovation to offer you a natural, quality product that will take you back to the old style kitchen flavours, with carefully crafted products and combining new trends with the most popular recipes.

At Natur Cook, we take the utmost care with our products. Everything is prepared by respecting traditional recipes and homemade methods to try to achieve the most authentic and tasty product possible; while always searching and experimenting with new flavours and textures.

We manufacture a range of products with organic ingredients, free of synthetic products like pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilisers throughout the whole process of cultivation, to take advantage of natural resources and create a more sustainable world.

We are committed to organic farming, because we believe it provides food with more nutrients and a healthier, disease-free life. We understand that food is an essential part of our lives, and so pay special attention to the products going into our cooking. Incorporating organic recipes has allowed us to bring the flavour of our cuisine to many more people; to people committed to their health and the environment. Our commitment to healthy food is also a commitment to organic farming; garden produce is what we like. We enjoy waiting for the vegetables to ripen in the field, absorbing the nutrients from the earth and energy from the sun.

Natur Cook defines what we are: natural produce from the land to the table. Because we believe in a healthier lifestyle and know that it is possible, we opt for gastronomy which is more respectful of nature and our bodies. Our cooking is suitable for people who follow a healthy diet, whether organic, vegetarian or vegan; but especially for those looking to sample cuisine made the traditional way, with quality products at all times.

Since we began this entrepreneurial adventure, we have been evolving to meet the demands of customers who put their trust in us on a daily basis. We listen to their suggestions and, knowing the market in which we operate, we have created a variety of dishes: from those prepared in a few minutes at home to those gracing the menu of a good restaurant.