Saludable Sabroso Naturales Nutritivos Ecológico

Green living

We are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of health and its relationship with the environment. “We are what we eat,” is a phrase rooted in a great truth that justifies the commitment to organic food, made with top quality products, with no additives or industrial chemicals and complete respect for the environment and our natural surroundings.

Ecological is logical. However, this is not just recycling and making efficient use of energy. Our food has a lot to do with it. Organic food production, whether of vegetable or animal origin, is a responsible practice for healthy living. At Natur Cook, we do what past generations did, and what some still do in some rural areas.

Reasons to eat organic products

Healthy products

Organic cuisine is based on products grown and produced healthily. At Natur Cook, we prefer vegetables to be picked when their time comes, when the sun gives them their colour and when you can smell the aroma given off when the wind moves through the leaves. And no pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

Maturing in the field

We use organic vegetables that ripen in the field. They are collected at the optimum moment, when the vegetables are ripe; when nature tells us that the time is right.

Thus, each of the ingredients in our croquettes and omelettes has all the flavour they should have, without needing additives to mimic what nature gives us already.

Natural Flavours

We think it is best that each ingredient brings its own essence, so we choose organic products that make dishes that do not require additives, because they have the flavour they should have.

 Sustainable kitchen

When we use ingredients from agriculture and livestock, we are sure we are contributing to improving the environment. No foreign industrial products are used in their production. In fact, producers value the tools that nature has to regulate itself, respecting the processes and the seasons.

We like healthy food and it shows in our dishes, prepared with love and respect for the product. Thus, we think that this is the best reason to eat organic cuisine. After all “we are what we eat”.